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My wife and I met Lucy after lackluster experiences with two other Austin realtors.

At the time, we were feeling a little disappointed about the prospect of purchasing our first home and a little tired from the search. From the outset, Lucy was warm, accommodating, funny, diligent, and astute. Over time, we came to see that, as a realtor, she had the kinds of character traits and viewpoints we weren't even aware that we were looking for in a real estate agent. On the afternoons when we went out to roam Austin's neighborhoods, the time spent felt less like the pursuit of a house than a leisurely journey around a fun city during which we just happened to look at homes. Lucy has extraordinary esteem for Austin and surprising insights into its past, present, and future. It kept us feeling not only excited about the process but it helped me to appreciate Austin's dynamic qualities and the potential found in many of its nooks and crannies. Lucy made sure at all points along the way that we were well-informed and apprised of the market, financing options, and projections for the future. When we began looking at neighborhoods that we had not initially considered, she allowed us to explore on our own and, in retrospect, seemed to learn very acutely what we wanted and what we didn't. When we did put an offer on a few homes--up to the point of inspection--she was honest in her assessments and didn't pressure us into making decisions one way or another. She let us wait out a short period, put in offers when we felt comfortable, and back out when things looked like they were heading south. I realize that all might sound very basic, but for us first-time homebuyers, it was a blessing: we needed guidance, and we needed an agent that would encourage us to be patient in our decision-making, and she provided both through and through. She was also hilarious throughout every venture. Lucy would, on occasion, blast "entrance music" from her phone when we walked into houses we were excited about, and dropped the occasional "Hell no" if we walked into a clunker. Although no housing hunt is ever actually easy, with Lucy, it certainly felt that way. She was responsive, lighthearted, and focused on our specific hopes and aspirations. We ultimately found a home in Travis Heights Now, she's still helping us by facilitating much of the renovations process: she's helped us find contractors, service people, and coordinated with outside vendors to see the work through. We cannot recommend her highly enough. If you find yourself thinking, "Shouldn't my realtor care more about the things I'm hoping for?", call Lucy immediately.

Mike G

The very best experience with a Realtor, yet!

Lucy is honest, genuine, hardworking, fun and funny, and FULL of integrity. We had what could have been a very complicated and stressful buying and selling situation; but Lucy, and her expertise, got us through without a hitch. It was truly amazing. A friend of mine used a different Realtor for the sale of her house and the purchase of her new one. Once she saw how Lucy handled our entire process (and got us multiple offers, over asking price within TWO days of putting the house on the market), she secretly professed to me that she wished she had used Lucy, too. There are too many good things to say about her. She worked with us from beginning to end, answered ALL our calls and texts, helped us stage the home so it looked its best, created stunning marketing materials (including a virtual tour that made others pale in comparison), and researched & compiled reports so we had REAL facts for which to base our decisions. I was beyond impressed with her abilities and character; and the fact that I'm actually taking the time to write this review, says a LOT! Love, love LOVE Lucy!

Kali R

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